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5 Things You Can do to Speed Up the Car Buying Process

The general public likes buying cars but usually doesn’t like the process. Driving off in a new (or new to you) vehicle is a great feeling, but many people find that choosing and buying a car can be too...

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25 Amazing Facts About Cars That You Probably Never Knew

Cars are a huge part of our everyday lives. The automobile transformed society, created an entire culture centered around what we drive, and built an enormous industry that employs millions of people across the...

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8 Cool Car Features That Will Make Your Life a Little Bit Better

Cars have come a long way since they replaced the horse and buggy a little over a century ago. What were once just bare-boned transportation vehicles have become highly complex and luxurious, offering almost every...

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5 Easy Ways to Help Someone Car Shop

All of us can be backseat drivers sometimes. But what about backseat car shoppers? Much like backseat driving, it’s hard to know the difference between pointing out helpful observations and irritating...

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Can You Buy a Car If You Have Bad Credit?

Millions of people have bad credit. Sometimes it’s through no fault of their own, maybe as a result of medical bills, unexpected life events, or because they agreed to cosign for someone else’s debt. Of...

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Why You Should Reconsider Buying That Cheap Car

If you’re shopping for a vehicle, the price will inevitably be one of your main concerns. If one of the natural solutions for you is to go on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, sort their available cars by...

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