Oil Filters Are No Longer The Same And Why This Matters in Amarillo, TX

Oil Filters Are No Longer The Same And Why This Matters

Gilbert Escudero's Blog | Oil Filters Are No Longer The Same And Why This Matters

Yes, that is right, oil filters are no longer the same and why it matters is due to automotive evolution.

The last thing you want to do is spend time changing the oil in your vehicle and find out it was a waste of time.

What you need to know is that even if oil filters look the same, it is their insides that matter to your vehicle.

Oil Filters Are No Longer The Same And Why This Matters 

Prior to doing an at-home oil change, you need to first consult your owners manual.

If it states that your vehicle needs extended oil change intervals (every 6,000 miles instead of 3,000 miles), you should not ignore this.

There is no point in spending the money on synthetic oil if your oil filter is not the right one. You end up wasting money.

However, luckily, the ranges in oil filters and their prices are not all that different, so you should spend the extra few dollars to end up saving money down the road.

Oil filters are certainly not how they used to be and knowing the difference can make all the difference when spending time and money on doing your own oil changes.

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